Massage Chair Pad

A massage chair pad is extremely useful if you have already found your dream comfy chair, but it does not have massage functions. The chair pad essentially converts a normal chair into a massage chair!

Here are some product recommendation for Massage Chair Pads:

Dr. Scholl's DR8573 Soothing Full Cushion Massager

Dr Scholl's products are extremely popular as far as massage equipment goes. This chair massage pad, in particular, has 5 motors, so that you can pick and choose the massage method and intensity the you prefer, with the three independantly controlled massage zones. This massage chair pad also has 3 different intensities and a heat feature.

The attached handset is able to control and operate everything that the chair features. Simply plug in the power to your AC adapter, or the auto adapter and you can immediately start to enjoy great and comfortable massage be it at home, office or car.

Human Touch HT-1470 Back Massage Pad - Quad Roller Massaging Chair Cushion with real rollers and soothing heat

The HT-1470 back massage pad by Human Touch is an excellent product if you really need a massage pad that will fit almost any chair or sofa.

With four real rollers accompanies by a soothing heat, the HT 1470 rolling and kneading massage can reach from your shoulders, down all the way to your lower back. To add to that, the built in heating function adds to the comfort of the massage, giving you the most relaxing experience.

Homedics SBM-300H Therapist Select Shiatsu PLUS Massaging Cushion with Heat

The Homedics SBM-300H is capable of turning any massage chair into a shiatsu massage chair, giving you the most invigorating massage you will ever experience. The dual massage rollers can travel up and down your back, kneading your muscle, and melt away your tension and fatigue.

With button controls you can also easily activate the shiatsu plus spot massage, where you can pinpoint the exact ache and really work out even the tightest muscles. To come with it is the in-seat massage that comes with a vibrating function that increases circulation.

Homedics Therapist Select SP-10H Shiatsu Pillow

The Homedics Therapist SP-10H pillow is a popular item between many office executives for use in office with a work chair, or for home use for a relaxing time. The shiatsu pillow uses state of the art technology, and conforms to your body, and makes it feel like you have hidden massage therapist hidden inside the pillow.

This massage chair pad / pillow is perfect for people who want quick and instant relief from your neck, back and shoulder tensions. Highly recommended!