Robotic Massage Chair

A robotic massage chair takes a regular massage chair one step ahead and really customizes each massage experience to the individual, making you feel as if you have a massage therapist living inside the chair.

Such a massage chair is based on treatment by experts in massage therapy, like chiropractors and physicians. It is one of the latest and most advanced massage system devised today.

Here are some recommendations to choose a robotic chair for the best massage experience.

Human Touch iJoy 100 Robotic Massage Chair

The iJoy-100 gives you three different programs to choose from, each spanning 15 minutes. You can choose from the upper back, lower back or entire back. Each program can also be administered and employed in four different modes: compression, rolling, percussion and kneading. This range of programs and modes give you a full range of massages of meet whatever needs you have and to really unlock those stiff muscles.

To add to the programs, the iJoy-100 is also cushion covered with a red brushed polyester and nylon mesh, making it easy to wash. The design of the chair is elegant, fitting into any home.

Some other features you get are the child safety lock, lumbar support, and an easy to reach lever to recline your seat. With the wired remote, operation of this exquisite and elegant chair is easy.

Stretching HT-135 Interactive Health Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair

If you are a fan of leather furniture, you will love the HT-135 massage chair. The HT-135 is not only delivered to you in top notch luxurious leather, but beneath the leather, you will find that this chair will provide you with the most uplifting massage session ever. The massage system used - Human Touch Technology - replicates that experience you get when you visit a chiropractor.

The massage system fits your body, so you don't have the change the way you sit to fit the chair. On top of that the ergonomic headrest, rotating calf and foot massager complements and massage session. This chair is easy to maintain and also easy to operate.

Inada Robostic Massage Chair

The Inada massage chair brings the benefits of a professional massage right back to your home or office. Following an ultimate combination of age-old eastern massage techniques and modern japanese technology, the Inada uses a sensitive optical sensor system to really work into your stiff joints and tense muscles.

The intuitive joystick control allows you to pinpoint your massage to problem areas, and control the massage actions, intensity and roller positions. On top of that, Robostic can remember your favorite massages and playback the same massages for you! To start, simply choose from the ten pre-programmed healthcare sessions, adjust the intensity and you are ready to go.